Celebrating 50 years as pioneering experts in airflow monitors and controls

Our journey Today’s incredibly efficient laboratory conditions are often taken for granted but it was only in 1994 that the first British health and safety standard for fume cupboards, BS7258, was introduced. My father joined the business around this time and quickly realised it had the specialist expertise to meet the gap in the market […]

Happy Christmas from TEL!

TEL would like to advise its customers that our offices will be closing for the festive break from the 21st December.  We will re-open on January 3rd 2019. We’d like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to all of our customers for choosing to work with us in 2018, and wish you all a Merry Christmas and […]

Turn your lab green with the AFA4000

Earlier this month the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a special report on the impact of global warming above 1.5C and warned that the 3C we are currently heading for could be both devastating and irreversible. Laboratories are highly energy-intensive spaces, using more per square foot than most hospitals or commercial buildings and […]

TEL expands energy efficient range with digital laboratory oven

At TEL we’re always looking for better, smarter ways to help our customers manage lab efficiency, reduce energy consumption and maintain the highest safety standards. Our market-leading products include VAV airflow controllers, auto sash controllers and room controllers. Now, in direct response to customer feedback, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our brand new […]

5 ways to reduce energy usage and cut costs in the lab

Laboratories are notoriously energy intensive, requiring high amounts of ventilation to operate safely. Fortunately, much can be done to reduce energy consumption from adopting energy efficient behaviours through to upgrading your fume cupboards’ air control system. There are many good reasons to reduce energy usage in your laboratory; you’ll make significant savings on energy bills, […]

6 reasons to switch to variable air volume (VAV) fume cupboard control.

Fume cupboards play a pivotal role in the laboratory, protecting users from harmful substances. A typical laboratory uses an exhaust blower to pull air from inside the room through the open fume cupboard sash, taking hazardous and noxious gases with it. The contaminated air is then expelled or filtered for re-circulation. The average chemical fume […]

What is Continuing Professional Development?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities. What are the benefits? CPD is essential in helping individuals and companies to keep skills and knowledge up to date, this is particularly important in the science and technology sector as it is constantly evolving […]

Q & A: Carbon Emission Targets for higher education institutions

In response to the Climate Change Act of 2008, the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) developed a sector reduction strategy to help meet the UK Government’s carbon reduction targets – as set out in the 2008 Climate Change Act. In just three years’ time the higher education sector (which leads the world in […]

Reduce energy costs by up to 85% with the AFA4000 VAV Controller

In uncertain political and economic times our customers are sure about one thing; saving energy (and therefore money) has never been more important. That’s why we developed the AFA4000 VAV Controller and Auto Sash Controller which is proven to reduce laboratory energy costs by up to 85%. How? The AFA4000 VAV Controller automatically adjusts airflow […]

Have you seen? We’ve got a new website

Like many growth businesses, we’d outgrown our website. It no longer did justice to the pioneering air flow controls and monitors we supply, nor the extent of our technological capabilities. More importantly, we needed a website that made it easier for our customers to find the information they want quickly and easily. What we changed […]

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