Office Spaces

AIRFLOW SOLUTIONS FOR OFFICE SPACES Clean air = a healthy workforce

Organisational performance is directly impacted by the health and wellbeing of employees. Office spaces are vulnerable to airborne diseases and pollutants (mould, chemicals in cleaning products, carbon dioxide and particulate matter) which can cause or exacerbate respiratory disease, increase absenteeism and reduce productivity. TEL’s airflow solutions provide office spaces with a regular supply of fresh, clean air to support employee health and wellbeing and create a positive and productive working environment. And because airflow is controlled according to need, our airflow solutions help reduce energy costs too.

Product Focus

VAV and CAV Terminals

Our range of constant air volume (CAV) and variable air volume (VAV) Terminals and Attenuators helps effectively control the distribution of air into any building space or room.

Rectangular or circular units are available in a range of sizes.


  • Improve safety
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Boost productivity

Product Focus

AFA5000/RSC-2 Room Space Controller

An intelligent touch-screen room space controller, the AFA5000/RSC-2 controls and monitors mechanical HVAC ventilation and air quality in room spaces without the need for a building management system.


  • Complete environment control
  • Maintain indoor air quality
  • Minimise energy consumption
  • Reduce operational costs

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