A growing team of global distributors

A few years ago it was agreed that TEL’s continued growth would be through a planned distributor model.

Every business has a core competency, and at TEL, our core competency is the technical expertise. Over the past 50 years we’ve developed a range of innovative products that offer safety and compliance, energy efficiency and cost savings. And by working closely with laboratory companies and fume cupboard manufacturers, our alarm and control systems help laboratories around the world meet safety legislation requirements.

Our strategy for a distributor model of growing the business worldwide, meant TEL could focus on what we do best, on innovation and developing new products that resolve our customer’s problems. The alternative would have been to establish a global sales and marketing team to achieve our sales strategy and running storage and logistic facilities to meet the sales demands.

A global distributor model allows TEL to focus and commit to our strengths, to innovation and our customer needs.

We proved it could work for us after our product portfolio started making waves in the US, working closely with TEL-Americas and Holland Safety Equipment. Our distributors in the US had good relationships in the right markets for our products, with an established customer base, the right sales and marketing expertise and knowledge of the industry. This knowledge and market understanding is key as more and more customers in the US were looking to increase energy efficiency, deliver safer workplace environments and improve operational performance.

TEL-Americas focus on our Fume Hood VAV Controllers, Auto Sash Controls, Room Air Supply and Extract controls and Kitchen Hood Controls, whilst Holland Safety Equipment concentrates on Airflow Monitors and OEMs.

The partnership works well as our customers benefit from highly innovative, cost effective products, combined with the knowledge and on-going support from a customer-focused team. We have some great examples now of how our joint working is benefitting customers in the US.

North Dakota Dept. of Health

Where failing fume hoods were restored, airflow controlled and massive energy cost savings realised. With 165,962 kWh per year and 72,962 Therms per year energy savings achieved, equating to $50,000 cost savings a year.

 US Pharmacopeia Convention

US Pharmacopeia Convention, a not-for-profit organisation was looking to upgrade its laboratories and reduce their operating costs. The upgraded VAV systems reduced annual energy consumption by over 1,000,000kWh pa, generating savings of almost £150,000 ($194,000), while ensuring that the laboratories provided a safe working environment for users and improved the efficiency of the buildings’ infrastructure.

Growing distributors and partners

Our success in the US has now been replicated across the globe with distributors in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.

In Europe TEL works with Van Andel Techniek in the Netherlands, experts in extraction systems in both laboratories and industry. The relationship works well as our highly sophisticated controllers help to meet the Netherland’s highly regulated industry.

In South America TEL works with Maxus Comércio e Representações Ltda in Brazil. Already working in quality control, instrumentation and laboratory instruments, Maxus has the structure to focus on sales and after-sales, providing outstanding service, including maintenance support. It’s a great fit for us.

In Africa we work with Amadwalasa Laboratory Systems and in Asia TEL’s products are successfully distributed by Labtech Equipment Corp in Taiwan, by Zephirus Controls & Technology Corporation in China. We work with several fume hood manufacturers in India, including Kewaunee Labway India PVT Ltd.

We continue to look for like-minded companies across the world to distribute TEL’s range of products. We look for synergies across our industries where we work, the focus and commitment to support our products with their customer base and a shared understanding in our goals and objectives.

TEL welcomes potential companies to get in touch.

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