The TEL difference: 6 reasons to work with us

As we move into July, we’ve been taking stock of the year so far and having some interesting conversations with clients about what it’s like to work with TEL.  They reminded us of the values at the heart of our business and focussed our minds on what sets us apart from the competition.

Here are the top six:

1. We know who we are

Our client base includes scientists, laboratory managers and fume cupboard manufacturers, to name just a few. Naturally, we have a detailed understanding about what these roles entail so that we can develop the products and solutions they need, but we’re very clear about where our expertise lays.

We specialise in airflow control and monitoring, developing innovative ways to help laboratories operate more efficiently, sustainably and safely. Our focus on this specific aspect of laboratory management means our clients can trust us to deliver safe, efficient airflow control and monitoring solutions. Our expertise also means we can offer a bespoke design and technical consultation service for clients with highly specific requirements.

2. Our products are consistently high quality and reliable

Established for more than 50 years, our continually evolving range of products has become the gold standard for safety and compliance, energy efficiency and cost savings.

More than 500,000 TEL products can be found in labs around the world. The growing demand for them in highly regulated operating environments globally is testament to our reputation for developing our products to the highest standards.

3. We get the basics right

Although the TEL team is team brimming with specialist knowledge and loves to flex its problem-solving muscles, we always make sure we get the basics right first, creating a firm foundation on which to build – well anything really! From our products to our relationships with clients, we pay attention to the small details on our way to big progress.

So, when we developed our pioneering Auto Sash Controller, we made sure that in addition to the clever automatic functionality that uses a passive infrared sensor to constantly monitor the area in front of the fume cupboard (closing the sash when no movement is detected), we also understood there would be times when a lab worker might prefer to operate it manually and built this feature in from the outset.

4. We offer responsive technical support

Our in-house technical expertise means our clients benefit from technical support precisely when they need it. We encourage clients to pick up the phone to speak to us directly and queries are usually resolved during the call, enabling them to get on with the rest of their day with complete peace of mind.  And if the problem is a bit more complicated, we’ll get to work on it until it’s resolved.

5. We give clients access to our controllers

For clients that want greater in-house control of their airflow controllers and monitors, TEL offers specified access to their engineers, enabling them to calibrate and change settings without the need for a TEL engineer or specific software to access the system. Removing the need to call out an engineer, can save significant time, expense and inconvenience.

6. We deliver products quickly

TEL is a class apart when it comes to getting its products and solutions to clients too. The Majority of TEL products are in stock, so we can turn around orders of varying sizes in a matter of days, with our CAV and VAV terminals taking just 4-6 weeks from order to delivery, half the time of other suppliers.  

At TEL we’re always thinking about what we do from our clients’ perspective, welcoming feedback and ideas and ensuring we meet their needs and exceed their expectations whenever we can.

To find out how we could help you, get in touch with us on 01457 865635 or by emailing us at

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