Kitchen Hood Controls

TEL’s kitchen control system can detect both smoke and temperature rises, increasing the airflow only when full performance is needed, significantly reducing energy costs and carbon emissions of your kitchen hood.

Roughly 25% of a food service’s energy costs are to condition outside air brought in to keep a kitchen comfortable and safe. According to estimates from the American Gas Association, the US food service industry wastes more than $2 billion each year because of this type of excessive ventilation. TEL’s kitchen control system has revolutionised kitchen costs, reducing energy usage by up to 75%.

Product Benefits

Energy and cost savings

TEL’s kitchen control system controls the amount of ventilation required in the kitchen depending on cooking loads, considerably reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.

Noise reduction

TEL’s kitchen control system reduces the need to run fans at full speed all of the time, virtually eliminating kitchen noise levels and creating a pleasant environment for employees and guests (when located next to guest rooms).

Extending equipment life

TEL’s kitchen control system can extend the life of your kitchen equipment – including the belt life; filter life and reducing compressor run time.

Reducing cleaning costs

Excessive fan speeds send grease up the duct, into the fan and out to the building roof. Slowing down the exhaust fans and reducing the air duct velocity allows the grease to drain back to the hood and into grease cups for easy disposal. This reduces the frequency that the hood and ducts need to be cleaned.

Choosing the right model


4NM Fumecupboard Actuator

Modulating damper actuator for adjusting dampers in technical building installations.


6NM SuperCap Actuator

Modulating SuperCap rotary actuator with emergency control function and extended functionalities for adjusting dampers in technical building installations and in laboratories.



The AFA1000/AHU model is a wall mounted pressure controller suitable for controlling the duct pressure of an AHU using an inverter drive.



The AFA1000/BLD is a wall mounted fresh air bleed controller suitable for controlling the VAV system duct pressure using a fresh air bleed damper or fan inverter drive.



The AFA1000/E is a digital airflow VAV controller available with a range of remote unique airflow sensors that are used to measure face velocities or duct velocities. The AFA1000/E is available fully flush (MK2) or semi flush (MK3).


AFA1000/E Dual Output

The AFA1000/E has a dual output allowing control of a secondary function such as Supply Air damper/inverter control or Fresh Air bleed damper control.



The AFA1000/RM model is a wall mounted room differential pressure controller suitable for controlling the supply air into a room using a damper, valve or inverter.



The AFA3000 VAV controller  has been specifically designed for Venturi Valve fume cupboard applications.

The controller will adjust the valve to the desired flow based on sash position. The mechanically pressure independent valve will accurately control and maintain design flows (as the system pressure/sash position changes). As the valve cannot detect changes in the face velocity of the fume cupboard , we incorporate one of our velocity sensors that will increase the flow of the valve if the face velocity drops below desired values.



The AFA4000/E is a pioneering airflow controlling system developed to ensure the safety of users, working with industrial and educational fume cupboards and biological safety cabinets.


ECON Damper

A precision engineered single blade butterfly damper designed for many years of maintenance free movement. The clear bodied design allows you to check for any debris caught on the internal blade.

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