Celebrating 50 years as pioneering experts in airflow monitors and controls

Our journey

Today’s incredibly efficient laboratory conditions are often taken for granted but it was only in 1994 that the first British health and safety standard for fume cupboards, BS7258, was introduced. My father joined the business around this time and quickly realised it had the specialist expertise to meet the gap in the market for protective laboratory equipment that complied with the new regulations.

It wasn’t long before we launched our first airflow monitor, the AFA2A, and by the new

millennium my father had bought the business bringing me and my brother Andrew on board to make it a truly family affair.

Over the last two decades we‘ve focused on product innovation and the development of highly responsive bespoke solutions that meet the needs of increasingly complex laboratory operations and more stringent safety standards. Like the AFA5000 series which enables user configuration based on differential room pressure, air quality, volumetric control or any combination of the same.

Today our products are used in hundreds of thousands of laboratories around the world and our full service offer spans design consultation, product supply and installation as well as training and technical support.

Our motivation

The educational and commercial bio-tech and pharma firms we work with lead ground-breaking advancements in areas including medicine and climate control. At TEL we mirror that vision and commitment to progress by developing, improving and innovating and the air flow technology needed to protect the scientists and technicians behind the headlines.

Future focus

So as we celebrate 50 years in the business we extend our warm and heartfelt thanks to our staff and customers, many of whom have worked with us for many years and have inspired our success. We look forward to working closer than ever in the years to come to develop more sustainable and intuitive innovations that minimise energy consumption while optimising air quality.

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