Helping Businesses Breathe Easy

At TEL we focus on developing world-leading airflow controllers and monitors so that our customers can maintain safe, compliant, energy-efficient working environments. Which means they can breathe easy and get on with business. 

Here’s how:

1, Gold standard products 

Our world-leading products were originally designed for use in labs – some of the most hazardous and highly regulated operational environments in the world. From variable air volume (VAV) airflow controllers that supply clean air according to need, through to kitchen hood controls that offer precision control of ventilation depending on cooking loads, our products and solutions offer safe, efficient airflow control.  

They can be found in more than 500,000 labs around the world as well as in offices, retail environments, commercial kitchens, hospitals, educational establishments and industrial premises.

2, Reduced energy use and costs 

Global geopolitical developments continue to impact our customers’ energy costs. Using our energy-efficient products not only reduces their operational costs, it also helps meet carbon emission reduction targets so the planet can breathe more easily too. 

For example, our variable airflow volume (VAV) airflow controller can reduce associated annual energy use by up to 85%, while switching to VAV kitchen hoods can reduce average energy costs by more than 60%. 

Did you know? The supply of clean air can help prolong the life of valuable physical assets. 

3, Protected workforce  

Our products ensure the air circulating in our customers’ premises is free from pollutants and other hazardous materials, helping keep employees safe and healthy. Other benefits include reducing stress and boosting productivity as well as ensuring full compliance with relevant health and safety legislations – wherever they are in the world. 

4, Expert support 

At TEL we’ve accumulated more than 50 years’ experience developing airflow controllers and monitors and our in-house team means customers benefit from expert support whenever they need it. In fact, we actively encourage them to pick up the phone – now that really is a breath of fresh air!

Take the stress out of airflow control, call TEL today. 

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