Turn the heat down on energy costs – with VAV kitchen hood ventilation

Energy represents a significant cost for commercial and industrial kitchens. This is because large scale kitchens require considerable ventilation to operate safely and in compliance with health and safety and food standards regulations.

These hot, humid and sometimes hazardous environments are vulnerable to the build-up of bacteria that can contaminate food, as well as grease and other airborne pollutants. So, ensuring dirty contaminated air is replaced with fresh, clean air, is vital in ensuring the health and safety of employees and the highest production standards.

With increases in (and uncertainty around) energy costs, how energy is used can have a significant impact on the profit and sustainability of commercial and industrial kitchens. But managers of these premises might have more control than they think over this important aspect of their operating budgets.

They can choose to….

Do what they’ve always done

The standard way of ventilating commercial and industrial kitchens uses a hood system that filters and replaces contaminated air with clean air and runs at a maximum design volume of 100%. In simple terms, this means they are on full power. Constantly.

Not only is this unnecessarily expensive (the American Gas Association estimates that the US food service industry wastes more than $2 billion each year on excessive ventilation), it’s wasteful and damaging to the environment too.

Or they can choose to….

Do something different

TEL’s suite of variable air volume (VAV) airflow solutions for industrial kitchens ensures the system only operates when it needs to. This reduces energy usage by up to 75%, shrinking energy costs and carbon emissions – without compromising on safety.


  • Reduce energy usage (and consequent costs) by up to 75%
  • ROI within 24 months for most customers
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Reduce cleaning costs
  • Reduce equipment wear and tear
  • Reduce environmental noise

Discover how our TEL’s VAV airflow solutions reduced average energy costs by 63% at St. Mary’s Medical Centre, Athens, GA 

To take the heat out of your energy bills, call TEL today.

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