Case Studies – Airflow Monitors (CAV)

Case Study

Pharma Company, Cambridge, Massachusetts

TEL works with top Pharma Company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions

Case Study

St. Mary’s Medical Centre, Athens, GA

TEL reduces energy bills by more than half at not-for-profit medical centre with one simple change

Case Study

Total Containment Solutions

TEL and TCS partner to deliver energy efficient solution for research laboratory

Case Study

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Multi-national bio-pharma corporation, Thermo Fisher Scientific, aimed to reduce the operating costs of its laboratories in Pleasanton, California, while at the same time ensuring the safety of its users. The fume cupboards of its four laboratories featured constant airflow volume (CAV) monitors, that continuously removed air and replaced with clean air, even when the cupboards weren’t in use, so wasting energy.

Case Study

North Dakota Department of Health

The Phoenix exhaust system was getting old and managers questioned whether the 21 laboratories ever operated properly because the RTUs operated continuously at maximum capacity, and the work space was often too humid. Unfortunately a trial of installing extra fans had not been able to solve the supply/exhaust or humidity problems.

Case Study

Pharmacopeia Convention

Based in Rockville, Maryland, US Pharmacopeia Convention sets standards for pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. The not-for-profit organisation aimed to upgrade its laboratories and reduce their operating costs.

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