Case Study

Pharma Company, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Overview & Challenge

A top Pharma Company in Cambridge, Massachusetts running 45 fume hoods was exhausting around 50,000 cfm, 24/7, which not only meant high carbon emissions but it was also costing the company approximately $600,000 per year in energy bills. This was due to the fume hoods using constant air volume controllers (CAV) which continue to replace the air even when the fume cupboards are not in use.


After a tendering process, TEL Americas was appointed to convert the 45 fume hoods from CAV to variable air volume (VAV) controllers, meaning that the air inside the fume cupboards would be monitored and only replaced when required.

Director at TEL, Richard Eady said:

“The carbon savings that can be achieved by converting from a CAV to a VAV are really helping the organisations we work with to meet their carbon reduction targets. And the cost savings really do speak for themselves.”


Since converting from CAV to VAV controllers, carbon emissions have reduced to 20,000 cfm, a 60% saving and a huge reduction in their energy bill of approximately $36,000 per year. In addition to these energy and costs savings, the lab is now a quieter space for all the users, making it a nicer environment to work within.

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