Researched by the Best: Why TEL Strives for Innovation, Always

After more than 50 years designing specialist electronic airflow controls, launching multiple new products to market, and becoming a leader in the airflow technology sector, you may think that TEL would be ready to take its foot off the pedal a little, sit back and relax.

Well, no.

Our research and design team are always looking for ways to adapt and improve our product range of airflow controllers and monitors – for example, just last year we announced important upgrades to both our AFA4000 and AFA5000 controllers, which was due to the team’s drive to continuously improve our products.

And this drive and innovation is hugely important not just to our customers, but to TEL as a whole. Because our staff are given the opportunity to test, prototype and improve our products, it empowers them and makes them feel valued, which in turn, sustains TEL’s impressive staff retention record.

And that’s not the only benefit…

Improved productivity reduces costs

A high amount of energy is wasted when fume cupboards are not in use, but converting to TEL’s VAV Airflow Controllers can reduce volumes by up to 85%, reducing both energy costs and carbon emissions – a huge benefit to the end-user, and to the planet. But that’s no reason for us to rest on our laurels so we’re constantly looking at ways that we can do even better. By researching new technology, new and sustainable materials, and creating new prototypes, we’re always trying to better what we’ve done before. (And when we do, you’ll find out about it here!)

Bigger range, better quality

No two customers are the same, and as such, neither are their specific requirements. By constantly improving and widening our product range, we can be confident that we have a product that will do exactly what you need it to. Take our CAV & VAV Terminals, for example. Available as rectangular or circular and in a range of sizes, we have a product for every environment, meaning our customers are never left disappointed.

Added value

By listening closely to our customers to identify their pain points, our team can go away, collaborate and come up with a new solution – sometimes bespoke to a particular customer – in order to solve their problem. After customer demand, TEL modified its auto sash controller earlier this year to include a new auto stop function so that the new capability precludes the need for users to fit their own stopping devices.

And we’re always open to suggestions – if you have a particular problem that you need us to solve, why not get in touch with us by calling +44 (0) 1457 865 635 or emailing us at
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