New Enhancements for TEL’s Auto Sash Controller

Following customer feedback and current trends in fume cupboard operation, TEL is pleased to bring to market a new and enhanced Auto Sash Controller.
Building on our market-leading technology, TEL’s new and enhanced Auto Sash Controller has recently been upgraded with additional features and performance upgrades.

Our new features include:

Under Sash Sensor Test Feature

The Auto sash controller can now be supplied with optional through beam under sash sensors with a sensor test feature. The controller continuously tests and monitors the under sash sensor operation whilst the sash is driving to detect a sensor or sensor cable fault. If a fault is detected the controller will stop the sash driving and indicate a sensor fault has occurred.

Auto Sash Operator disable Feature

The Auto sash controller can now be pushbutton menu configured to allow the Fume Cupboard operator to temporarily disable the sash controller using the keypad. The disable feature is enabled and disabled by pressing the stop and enter buttons together. This function is useful when the fume cupboard sash is required to be left open whilst the operator is not present.

Motor speed setting

The Auto sash controller can now be pushbutton menu configured to select different sash opening and sash closing speeds. This function is also useful for installers to reduce over travel on the sash if there are counterweight balance problems with the sash when driving open or closed.

Clutch Braking

A new clutch braking parameter has been added so that the clutch can be set to remain energised for a short period of time once the drive motor has stopped driving to assist with over travel if the sash driving speed is set very fast or there are counterweight balance problems with the sash when driving open or closed.

Personnel sensor Power cycle

A new PIR sensor power cycle parameter has been included in the menu to allow the personnel sensor to be calibrated after the auto sash controller has been powered up. Once selected the controller will give an audible and visual countdown timer indication to allow the installer time to clear the area in front of the Fume Cupboard before the sensor background image is calibrated.

Sash position sensor calibration

The sash position sensor analogue output can now be calibrated independently from the calibrated sash drive positions. The feature allows the sash position sensor output to consider the full range of the sash opening when the calibrated sash positions are limited to a percentage of the full sash movement.


A new sensitivity parameter has been included in the menu structure to allow the sash position sensor feedback to be de-sensitised if the sash is stuttering or tight in the sash track. The sensitivity can be set to allow for a small amount of stutter or slight delay in travel before the Sash Fault alarm is triggered.

Sash Obstruction detection alarm reset

The Auto Sash controller can now be set to give either Auto or Manual alarm reset on detection of a sash obstruction. The auto reset will automatically reset the alarm once the obstruction has cleared or is no longer seen by the sash sensor. When the controller is set to manual reset, when triggered the alarm will stay active until the operator manually resets the alarm.

RS485 Coms

The latest model of Auto sash controller can be fitted with a plug in RS485 coms module. The controller has menu selectable Modbus RTU and BACnet MS/TP protocols on board.

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