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The only difference is the physical size; the functions are exactly the same.

The AFA1000/2 has the Push Button options to turn on the fan, lights etc.

This is used to control a damper actuator or used for the input signal on an inverter to speed up or slow down the fan.

The vent kit consists of 25mm flexible tubing with a 25mm bush and coupling. This is used to connect the SM6 Airflow sensor to the inner wall of the fume cupboard, allowing the airflow to pass over the sensor.

If using the front mounted SM6, we suggest the SM6 is installed 100mm up from the safe working height of the Sash (normally 500mm) and 100mm in from the front of the fume cupboard.

The 4NM actuator is designed for fume cupboard dampers (up to 0.8M²) and the 6NM Actuator is designed for Room and Bleed Dampers (up to 1.2M²).

UPVC, PPS, Galvanised Steel or Stainless Steel.

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