As technology advances and legislation increases, TEL has developed solutions with laboratory companies and fume cupboard manufacturers to ensure we are meeting the needs of existing and future projects.

TEL welcomes the opportunity to provide a consultation service to look at existing and planned projects, to design the most efficient way to save energy and capital costs by considering system designs, plant costs and ongoing running costs.

We recognise that existing customers and end users using older systems or less efficient equipment or CAV systems will also want to maximise energy efficiency and cost savings. As part of our commitment to new and existing customers TEL has developed a range of retrofit solutions that will help reduce energy consumption and increase safety on existing installations of any age.

We can provide a comprehensive survey of the installation, energy usage and energy savings calculations with payback projections, energy usage monitoring/reporting and VAV system design and incorporation. We can also provide equipment ex-works or provide a full installation service.

TEL offers a full retro fit service which includes:

  • Feasibility study of existing plant including usage and efficiency
  • Energy calculation giving current costs and potential savings
  • Proposal including costing and methodology
  • Installation and commissioning service
  • Training schedule for users/site engineers

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