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How bespoke airflow technology can save you more than just money…

In an ever-demanding world, resources such as time, money and energy are always in short supply, so if there’s a way that you can make savings in any of these areas, why wouldn’t you?

TEL has specialised in airflow controls for over 50 years, and in that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about helping our customers get the most out of their TEL technology.

One of our latest projects with Total Containment Solutions (now part of Envair Technology) had some quite bespoke requirements. The premises had recently been acquired and needed to be refurbished as a laboratory. The fume cupboards were built to the non-regular widths of 2.3m and 2.1m, and with the installation of energy-saving AFA1000/E airflow controllers across 65 fume cupboards, TEL helped them cater for specific research processes and prioritised sustainability and energy efficiency considerations too.

The equipment was highly customised and included changes to the sash design to avoid the bottom rail rubbing on users’ arms.

The combination of TCS’s fume cupboard expertise with TEL’s airflow consultancy proved a potent force throughout the project; from initial quotation through to installation and commissioning. Having worked together on projects for more than 15 years, this partnership delivered a solution that met all the end client’s needs.

Creating bespoke functionality and features where required is one of the reasons why TEL has been in business for over 50 years, and there are a number of benefits to it, as detailed here >

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