Bespoke Product Development Service

At TEL we always strive to offer the best products and service for our customers around the globe. By listening to their needs and requirements, our technical experts have developed a world-leading range of airflow controllersand monitors that:

What do
you need?

For a bespoke solution call 01457 865 635

Need something
out of the ordinary?

Our bespoke product development service is available to anyone who has an idea for a new product or a modification to an existing one. So, whether you’re looking for a specific function or a new feature, we’ll create a bespoke product or solution that does exactly what you need it to.

We recently modified our auto sash controller with a new auto stop function following a customer request.

Whilst making this modification we took the opportunity to upgrade the menu feature too, making it quicker and easier for all users to access specific functions.

Whole system
design and consultation

We also offer a full laboratory airflow design and consultation service, including energy saving calculations, energy usage monitoring and reporting and advice for energy saving control systems.

If you have a specific product requirement, or any feedback about how we could improve our existing range, call the TEL experts on 01457 865 635. 

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