Benefits of a Bespoke Airflow Technology Solution

TEL work closely with several laboratory companies and fume cupboard manufacturers and have a wealth of experience in developing alarm and control systems specifically designed to meet the individual requirements of our customers.

As a result, TEL airflow monitors and controls are operating in thousands of laboratories across the world, performing safely and accurately throughout universities, laboratories and healthcare settings.

TEL’s clients know that our technical design team have the skills and expertise to modify our product line to better suit their needs, such as when we modified the auto sash controller with a new auto stop function back in 2021.

Creating bespoke functionality and features where required is one of the reasons why TEL has been in business for over 50 years, and it brings with it a number of benefits:

1. Saves Time

By working with us to develop a tailor-made solution for your specific needs, it ensures that your product works for you as effectively as possible and answers all the demands made of it with ease. Our wall-mounted, ergonomic controllers are already designed to be easy to operate, but by going bespoke, you can emit any of the features that you don’t need to streamline your operation and work more efficiently. For example, TEL upgraded our auto sash controller in 2021 after customer demand, to feature a more easily navigated menu, which was restructured into function groups, allowing users to quickly access specific functions without scrolling through all menu items.

2. Puts You in Control

When working with TEL to develop your bespoke solution, it puts you in the driving seat and ensures what you need is exactly what you get. The TEL design team will work with you every step of the way and can adjust aspects of the product at each consultation to make sure it performs exactly as needed.

3.  Increases Your Opportunities

Whilst buying ‘off-the-shelf’ products isn’t a bad thing – those products serve a purpose for a large number of people after all – they can sometimes be limited in the features they offer, or there could be a way in which you would prefer to use it that isn’t an option with that model.

By working with TEL to evolve our standard product offerings to perform exactly as you need them to, it presents an opportunity to widen the scope of how you work, and the results you achieve.  

4. Saves Money

Creating a bespoke solution for your airflow requirements may seem like a big investment, but when you consider how streamlined it then makes your day-to-day operations, it really starts to cost in. TEL’s product range is already extremely energy and cost efficient – for example, converting to VAV can reduce volumes by up to 85%, reducing both energy costs and carbon emissions, but there’s scope for this to be increased for particular needs.

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