TEL In Focus…Variable Airflow Volume Controllers

TEL brings the VAV va voom to airflow technology.

TEL’s range of VAV controls are designed specifically to provide variable airflow volume and ensure the safety of users working with industrial and educational fume cupboards, fume hoods and biological safety cabinets.

Our products are both modern and efficient, allowing end-users to maintain individual air supplies at varying temperatures with ease, whilst keeping them safe from work hazards such as aggressive pollutants or extreme temperatures. And with accurate and reliable performance levels, you can rest assured that workers will be kept safe.

Our wall-mounted ergonomic controllers offer increased comfort for the user, and is overall, a much more cost-effective and sustainable choice, helping you to meet your carbon reduction targets. Converting to VAV can reduce volumes by up to 85%, reducing both energy costs and carbon emissions.

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Meet Our Star Players

TEL’s AFA1000/E is a pioneering airflow monitoring and alarm system boasting a simple, yet intuitive user interface. Optimized for user experience, the AFA1000/E is easy to navigate and features a simple two-step calibration process with on-screen prompts to guide end-users. The unrivalled reliability of the AFA1000 means that once calibrated, you won’t need to re-calibrate in the future.

A Certifiably Energy Efficient Choice

The AFA1000/E is certified by the Carbon Trust. Established to provide solutions to the climate crisis, the Carbon Trust supports organisations globally as they head towards Net Zero, offering help and advice on all matters of carbon neutrality.

TEL’s AFA4000 is available with optional Auto Sash integration. Using the Auto Sash with the AFA4000 controller means you will no longer need a separate Auto Sash keypad.

With a full colour, intuitive user interface, the AFA4000 has comms built-in as standard and can be used with either Modbus or BACnet protocol.

Featuring an innovative hot wire sensor, the AFA4000 has no inherent drift meaning that the sensor will provide stable readings over many years of operation ensuring reliability and safety.

To find out more about TEL’s VAV airflow technology, please get in touch with us on 01457 865635 or by emailing us at

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