TEL in Focus…Auto Sash Controller

For an innovative fume cupboard accessory which maximises energy savings and provides increased safety for the operator, look no further than TEL’s Auto Sash Controller.

Although preliminary designed for operation on VAV fume cupboards, it can also be used on CAV fume cupboards for increased safety and can be fitted to new or existing fume cupboards with a choice of three motor drive systems to suit each type.

A dual auto sash controller is also available to operate on fume cupboards with two sashes including walk in type, back-to-back type and side by side type sashes.

Innovative and Automative

TEL’s technical team designed the auto sash controller to close automatically when the operator is not present. When the operator is present the sash can be operated manually either via the Tiptronic touch-sensitive feature or foot switch, and users have the chance to choose between which of these features they would like to implement on their auto sash control.

If no movement is detected and the sash opening is clear, the sash will automatically close after a certain timeframe, which is pre-determined by the user. The auto sash controller also includes an auto open option as well as auto stop functionality which can be programmed to automatically stop the opening sash at the sash working height, creating a more efficient and safe working environment for the operator.

Increased Safety

Handling hazardous, toxic or sometimes even pyrophobic materials on a regular basis means that having the correct safety measures and equipment in place is paramount.

Our integrated auto sash controllers use a passive infra-red sensor (PIR) to continually monitor the work area in front of a fume cupboard to increase the safety of operators. It automatically closes the sash when the fume cupboard operator is no longer present and reopens when they return. It also recognises when an obstacle is in the way and prevents the sash from closing on it.

Ease of Use

The upgraded auto sash controller features an easy-to-use, restructured menu, allowing users to quickly access specific functions.

The Tiptronic technology – regularly used within the automotive industry to allow drivers to manually change gears in automatics – gives the auto sash operator much more autonomy and makes using the controller much more efficient.

Energy and cost savings

TEL’s auto sash controller is one of our most ecologically friendly products and is one of four of our offerings to be listed by the Carbon Trust ECA Energy Technology List (ETL). (Read more about our cost and energy saving portfolio in our latest Sustainability Report here).

Using an automatic sash closer guarantees energy savings, reducing costs and carbon emissions. Calculations estimate that fitting an auto sash controller can reduce energy costs by up to 85%, with a maximum saving of £1500 per fume cupboard, per year.

TEL’s auto sash controller can be fitted to new or existing fume cupboards, with a choice of motor drive systems to suit any type of fume cupboard and have been developed to include a fully integrated airflow controlling and auto sash system to automatically adjust the airflow according to need, decreasing the volume of air extracted when laboratory fume cupboards are not in use, minimising energy consumption.

Here’s the proof… TEL’s auto sash controllers helped to ensure that Ohio State University achieved its Silver LEED Sustainability Rating and earned the Environmental Protection Agency’s Labs21 certification.


A range of features can be developed in direct response to feedback from lab users to make sure that your auto sash controller works smarter, not harder, and makes your day-to-day working life more efficient.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please contact TEL on + (44) 01457 865 635 or email us at

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