Have you seen? We’ve got a new website

Like many growth businesses, we’d outgrown our website. It no longer did justice to the pioneering air flow controls and monitors we supply, nor the extent of our technological capabilities. More importantly, we needed a website that made it easier for our customers to find the information they want quickly and easily.

What we changed

As a member of marketing agency FIG’s Marketing Partner Programme we had access to all the marketing and design expertise we needed to create the kind of site we wanted including graphic designers and web developers with specific expertise in UX (user experience to you and me) and responsive web design (websites that you can view properly on mobile phones).

We worked closely with FIG throughout the project. Together here’s what we did:

  • Planned the sitemap in precise detail to significantly improve the user journey experience.
  • Created a fresh, clean design (replacing multiple colours with blues and white) for a more scientific and technological feel.
  • Created a photo bank of product and interior shots. Some were used in subtle black and white throughout the site’s design to reinforce the scientific look.

We think the new site will resonate much more with our customers working in our educational and industrial laboratories and is a much truer reflection of our achievements and ambitions as a business.

Our Managing Director Richard Eady says:

“TEL has come a long way over the past 45 years and the new website reflects this perfectly. The site has stepped our marketing up to another level, to meet the international markets we are now competing in. It showcases our capabilities and expertise perfectly and gives us a platform for the next phase of our growth.”

What do you think?

Most of our success has come from asking our customers what they think and what they need, so we look forward to your feedback. Please email all comments to Thank you.




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