No Delays for TEL

It seems like many businesses are being hit with a string of delays at the moment. From pandemics, Brexit or – in a surprise twist for 2021 – a giant container ship becoming wedged in the Suez Canal, companies all over the world are finding themselves behind with deadlines and deliveries.

Thankfully, TEL is not one of these companies.

Despite an extremely busy last 12 months, TEL is proud to say that all our external deliveries have been made on time, and that there have been no dips in quality or service, meaning our customers are just as happy with our work as always.  

With a warehouse full of stock and a large team ready to research, design and manufacture your electronic airflow controls, we are still able to offer the fast and reliable service which TEL is known for, and on which our customers can depend.

Not only can we deliver a large project – from scratch – in just one week, our alarm and control systems are specifically designed to meet safety legislation requirements all over the world, so you can be sure that your airflow system puts your safety first.

TEL also offers bespoke solutions for our customers, starting with a full design and consultation service to determine their specific requirements, and can provide energy saving calculations, energy usage monitoring and reporting and advice for energy saving control systems.

TEL’s fume cupboard VAV control systems are helping organisations meet carbon reduction targets by reducing energy usage by up to 85%, as well as reducing operating costs and carbon footprint. It’s just one of the reasons why there are over 400,000 TEL controls and monitors in laboratories all over the world.

What’s more, with our retro fit solutions, you can be sure that our innovative airflow monitors and controls will work with your existing fume cupboard systems.

So don’t get stuck with your next airflow technology project – we’d love to help. Speak to TEL for a fast and efficient service – with no delay!
Email us at: or call us on: +44 (0) 1457 865 635.

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