New Volumetric Control for European market


Temperature Electronics Ltd (TEL) has set its sights on European market expansion, with the launch of a new Volumetric Controller designed to fit European narrow style fume cupboards, whilst offering a full range of control functions and features.

TEL’s new Volumetric Controller ensures safety for the operator, by monitoring the fume cupboard volume and providing local audible and visual alarms, and simultaneously reduces energy consumption and carbon footprint by up to 85%, compared to a typical Constant Airflow Volume (CAV) fume cupboard.

It can be used on traditional bench or walk-in fume cupboards with vertical and combinational sashes.

The launch of TEL’s Volumetric Controller marks the next phase of the company’s expansion in the European market, and follows negotiations with its European distributors keen to be able to offer their customers a product of this nature at a competitive price.

Said TEL’s director, Richard Eady: “Our variable airflow solutions already enjoy worldwide popularity, and it’s great now to be able to provide the European market in particular with a solution that guarantees safety compliance while helping users to meet their carbon reduction targets.”

TEL’s Volumetric Controller features a bell mouth venturi restrictor to measure extract airflow volume, and provides volumetric control based on either sash position, programmable fixed set points, or 0-10VDC analogue input. It can also operate using third party orifice plates or other manufactured restrictor devices.

TEL solutions are designed to enable customers to comply with health and safety legislation energy-efficiently. The company offers a full service provision, from design and consultation, solution supply and installation, to training and technical backup.

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