Looking back on 2021 at TEL

TEL (like most businesses) continues to navigate its way through the consequences of the pandemic, Brexit, ships getting stuck in the Suez Canal and the climate emergency.

But that aside, 2021 has been a year of progress and success and as the year draws to a close, we are aware how fortunate we are to be in such a strong position.

Here are a couple of highlights from our year:

The TEL Team

First things first, I’d like to extend a huge thanks to the team here at TEL. It’s been a great year for us and one of the reasons – perhaps the biggest reason – that we have gone from strength to strength during this time, is because of our committed, dedicated and hardworking team. We really couldn’t do it without them and know we’re very lucky to have such a great bunch of hard-working, experienced and dedicated team members. Read more >

Sometimes it’s the little things

Here at TEL, we’re always looking for ways to improve our products and add value for our customers. And often it’s the small modifications we make that make a big difference. 

This year in direct response to customer feedback, we modified our auto sash controller to include a new auto stop function. The new feature stops the opening of the sash at the sash working height of 500mm (this can be adjusted subject to user preference to 400mm) to ensure a safe face velocity of 0.5m/second and means users don’t have to fit their own stopping devices.

The upgraded auto sash controller also features a new menu that’s easier to navigate and has been restructured into function groups, allowing users to quickly access the information they need.

TEL’s innovative series of AFA4000 airflow controllers were also upgraded earlier this year, with improved navigation, higher resolution screens and additional safety measures. Read more >

Commitment to improving energy efficiency

TEL has long been committed to helping our laboratory customers operate in a more sustainable and energy efficient way without compromising on safety. For instance, the TEL VAV airflow controller reduces the volume of air taken from a fume cupboard when not in use, reducing energy usage by up to 85%, significantly reducing operational costs too.

But we know that to operate as sustainably as we can, we need to think beyond the products and services we provide and consider the impact of our operation both on the local environment and further afield.

Throughout 2021 we’ve been looking at a range of issues from our suppliers’ green credentials through to the way we work, who we get to clean our premises and how we behave individually. It’s been an interesting and illuminating exercise and early next year we‘ll be publishing a Sustainability Report that sets out our vision for the future, how we as a company affect it and how we intend to reduce our impact. Read more >

New customers/projects

We’ve had a great year creating new partnerships and working on exciting new projects, which we’ll be unveiling next year. Make sure you hear about it first by signing up for our newsletter >

Over the pond

Meanwhile, in the US our colleagues have been involved in some high profile projects including at the Georgia Institute of Technology where their work has reduced lab airflow between 50 and 70% and made annual savings of $192,984. Read more >

Looking ahead

We look forward to continuing to work closely with the scientific community that continues to be so instrumental in helping people around the world respond to global challenges like the pandemic and the climate crisis. The knowledge, expertise, and passion they bring to improving peoples’ lives and protecting the natural environment, will be invaluable to all our futures.  

And finally, we’d like to extend a warm thank you to all our customers for their support and patience throughout 2021. We look forward to working with you next year and for many more to come. 

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