Enhanced performance from TEL VAV controllers and Airflow Monitors


Temperature Electronics Ltd (TEL) has upgraded its range of AFA1000 energy-efficient variable airflow volume (VAV) controllers, pressure controllers and airflow monitors with additional functions and enhanced performance.

The new generation of the AFA1000 series incorporates both software and hardware upgrades, including a high visual impact screen, making text easier to read from greater distances and all angles. The screen contrasts white standard text and full colour alarm text against a blue background. The screen backlight dims to a low level when the unit is on standby mode and when the fan is off, facilitating energy savings.

The new AFA1000 series is backwards-compatible, utilising the same connections as the original models and fitting into the same mouldings, enabling customers to easily incorporate them into their existing cut outs and installations.

The AFA1000 airflow sensor software has been updated to give enhanced and stable performance for airflow face velocities as low as below 0.10m/sec. Airflow velocities under 0.40m/sec are less robust so are greatly affected by turbulence. The software update gives enhanced stability to the airflow sensor so that very low velocity airflows can be captured ensuring greater accuracy and better response over a wider range of airflows.

The new AFA1000 series also includes many new software functions including a diagnostics menu, factory reset parameter function and full colour airflow bar graph showing historical airflow data over the past 60 minutes.

Said TEL’s director, Richard Eady: “TEL undertook the AFA1000 upgrade programme in response to the feedback of customers in laboratories across the world, both in industry and academia. The products are already used worldwide, where their reliability and energy-efficiency have won the loyalty of customers in many sectors of the global economy.”

TEL solutions are designed to enable customers to comply with health and safety legislation energy-efficiently. The company offers a full service provision, from design and consultation, solution supply and installation, to training and technical backup.

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