Engineering Change Notification for TEL’s AFA4000 Series of Airflow Controllers

TEL’s innovative series of AFA4000 airflow controllers have recently been upgraded.

The AFA4000 hardware now incorporates the following features:
  • Increased viewing height of 3.1mm
  • Higher resolution screen
  • Improved screen quality to prevent glare
  • New Halo Bezel clearly showing the alarm status
  • Screen brightness is now menu adjustable
  • Snap fit to provide an easier fit and release

The AFA4000 firmware now incorporates the following features:
  • More instructive and informative text on the exit menu
  • New TELBUS protocol for faster data transfer to AFA5000 RSC-2 room space controller, and allowing for future data packets to be added
  • Added AFA4000 fire alarm activation over comms from AFA5000 RSC-2

The Auto Sash Controller firmware now incorporates the following features:
  • The auto sash now appears in the set up menu when connected without having to quit and re-enter the set up menu  
  • New menu structure with a more efficient navigation system – as the number of menu items in the set up menu has increased, the new menu has now been divided into sub-menus
  • When manually raised, the sash will stop at the calibrated open position
  • Updated motor current detection / sash force (motor current) limit

With over 400,000 TEL monitors and controls in laboratories across the world, our product quality, reliability and technical excellence is supported by efficient pricing and delivery services, as well as technical back up and training.

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