Energy Efficient Installation for TCS

One of TEL’s recent projects saw the installation of 65 VAV controllers at a refit of a large laboratory that had been taken over and was being refurbished to facilitate the laboratory chemistry its new owner intended to use it for.

TEL’s team worked closely alongside a team from Total Containment Solutions (TCS), one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fume cupboards for industrial and educational laboratories. Now part of Envair Technology, its in-house manufacturing capability enables it to create highly bespoke solutions that meet its clients’ specific requirements.

The TCS project brief included some very specific requirements:

1. That the fume cupboards be built to the non-regular widths of 2.3m and 2.1m.

These bespoke solutions enabled the customer to make the best use of the space within the laboratory, allowing the staff more room to work safely (something we take very seriously at TEL).

2. Were ergonomically comfortable.

Our controllers were already designed to be easy to operate, but it’s not enough for us that they’re quick and efficient to use – we want them to offer a level of comfort to the end-user too. TCS knew that our VAV Controllers would provide variable airflow volume and ensure the safety of users working with industrial and educational fume cupboards, fume hoods and biological safety cabinets and that they offered a positive user experience too.

3. Could cater for its specific research processes.

By going bespoke, the customer could emit features that they didn’t need to streamline their operation and work more efficiently, saving them time and money. The equipment was highly customised, and even included changes to the sash design to avoid the bottom rail rubbing on users’ arms.

4. Had prioritised sustainability and energy efficiency considerations.

The decision to install a VAV airflow control over a constant air volume (CAV) control means a significant reduction in energy wastage which not only limits carbon emissions but saved on energy costs too.

A simple energy-saving calculation of VAV over CAV airflow control revealed energy cost savings of £1,271 / 35,475 kWh per fume cupboard, per year.

For this project which involved the installation of 65 fume cupboards with VAV control the total annual savings are as follows:

– Total annual energy cost saving: £71,176

– Total annual energy saving: 1,986,432 kWh

Meaning the VAV controls will pay for themselves in just 2.7 years.

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