Why climate control is good for business

In light of the UK’s commitment to reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, businesses across the UK are facing up to the likelihood of new and more stringent regulations designed to deal with climate control.

Science: part of the problem and the solution

It has long been the job of science to address the challenges presented by human interaction with the natural world but laboratories themselves are extremely energy-intensive –  consuming 10 times more energy and at least four times more water [per unit area] than office spaces¹.

This is due largely to the energy-intensive equipment required by modern research methods as well as the amount of ventilation labs require to operate safely.

Cleaning up the fume cupboard

The most energy intensive equipment in the laboratory is the fume cupboard. Vital to protecting lab users from splashing substances and shattering equipment, the fume cupboard also prevents the development of an explosive or toxic atmosphere – which means it exhausts between 750 and 1,000 cubic feet of conditioned air per minute.

By more effectively controlling fume cupboard airflow, your laboratory’s energy consumption and costs (as well as carbon emissions) can be greatly reduced.

The answer is the AFA5000

Our AFA5000 offers demand-control ventilation for up to 64 fume cupboards per room without the need for a building management system. An intelligent touch screen room controller, it communicates directly with fume cupboard systems, measuring their precise airflow requirements to ensure air is directed exactly according to need, maintaining volumetric or room pressure requirements and controlling temperature, humidity, CO2 and VOC levels.

Key features:

  • 7” HMI touchscreen, wall or panel mountable
  • Time scheduling with setback/out of hours control
  • Over diversity status/alarms
  • RS485 connection to AFA1000 controller


Benefits of the AFA5000

The AFA5000 can be used in laboratories, clean rooms and office/write up areas, offering a range of benefits including:

  • Demand control ventilation: the AFA5000 is designed to control mechanical HVAC ventilation systems without the need for a BMS system.
  • Increased energy savings: the AFA5000 can be optimised for maximum energy savings with occupancy and out of hours’ setback, reduced flow rates and comfort/air quality set.
  • Enhanced configuration: the AFA5000 can be configured according to your specific requirements including differential room pressure, air quality control, volumetric control or any combination of control philosophies.


Find out how the AFA5000 could help you achieve complete laboratory control while reducing your energy consumption and costs. Call +44 (0) 1457 865 635.


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