Clients #TELus Their Bespoke Solutions Stories

We’re always happy to help our customers solve specific issues with our bespoke solution service and are thrilled when we hear back about how well these systems have performed. Here are just a few of our success stories…

Total Containment Solutions

One of our latest projects came with some very bespoke requirements. The premises had recently been acquired and needed to be refurbished as a laboratory. The fume cupboards were built to the non-regular widths of 2.3m and 2.1m, and with the installation of energy-saving AFA1000/E airflow controllers across 65 fume cupboards, TEL helped them cater for specific research processes and prioritised sustainability and energy efficiency considerations too.

The equipment was highly customised and included changes to the sash design to avoid the bottom rail rubbing on users’ arms.

Gary Broomhead, Commercial Manager at TCS  said: “Our longstanding relationship with TEL allows us to offer a highly personal service to our clients. They give us outstandingly good support, in both technical and design consultancy, which means clients can receive a full turnkey solution where all the components of a laboratory system talk to each other. We especially value the fact that they can work with us to deliver innovative functionality, for example, specially designed buttons to match our ideas for height adjustable stands.”

Georgia Tech

With almost 40,000 students working across its research facilities, Georgia Tech had a need to improve the safety and functionality of its 98 research labs across its Atlanta campus, whilst becoming more energy efficient, saving utility costs and reducing their carbon footprint.

TEL developed real-time Air Change per Hour (ACH) reporting on the AFA5000 screen for US university, Georgia Tech. This flexibility allowed Georgia Tech to precisely match system metrics with operational goals.

Not only that, the project was also completed ahead of schedule, and the annual report revealed savings of $192,984 in utilities.

Robert Daw, Project Manager, ABM said about the project: “I would like to pass along my sincere appreciation for a job well done. It has been a pleasure working with you. The task has been effortless thanks to your patience and devotion. I look forward to working with you all in the future and you can rest assured, you will come highly recommended for future projects.”

Sygnature Discovery

Sygnature Discovery is the UK’s largest independent contract research organisation, providing facilities to the pharmaceutical industry. Fume cupboard specialist Clean Air Ltd was commissioned to create a bespoke energy-efficient fume cupboard solution that enabled Sygnature Discovery’s scientists to work in safe conditions.

To assist with this, TEL, supplied 78 AFA1000 variable airflow volume (VAV) airflow controllers and six of the UK’s first AFA5000 room space controllers.

TEL’s AFA5000s were the first on the market to communicate directly with fume cupboards, precluding the need for a building management system (BMS) and providing an unrivalled degree of control, comfort and energy-efficiency.

Together, the two products enable Sygnature to sustainably achieve complete environmental control.

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