Bringing our Auto Sash Controller to life with our new video

We’ve recently created a new video to demonstrate the way in which the TEL Auto Sash Controller works, integrating with both new and existing VAV systems to present a safe, sustainable airflow solution that generates energy savings of up to 85%. The product also integrates with CAV systems.

Auto sash controllers, which automatically close the fume cupboard sash when fume cupboards are not occupied, optimise energy savings.  In fact, we believe that the installation of our product has the capacity to save customers previously operating without controllers approximately £1,500 in energy bills per fume cupboard per year, quickly covering its own cost.

The video shows the way in which our Auto Sash Controller uses a passive infra-red (PIR) sensor to continuously monitor the work area in front of the fume cupboard, automatically closing the sash when the operator is no longer present and reopening it on their return, at speeds dictated by the user.  When the operator is present, the sash may be operated manually or by foot.

The sensor may be continuously monitored and tested while in operation, and an alarm set to sound if obstructions are detected.  Users can also set the alarm to sound if at any point the sash is stuttering or delayed.  A braking parameter enables the clutch to be set to remain energised for a short period of time if the drive motor stops.

To find out how our Auto Sash Controller can sustainably and cost-effectively enable you to keep your laboratory users safe, just take a look yourselves >

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