6 things you might not know about our auto sash controllers

As science advanced and laboratory users became more at risk, fume cupboards were gradually introduced featuring a movable or fixed window on the front to protect lab users from the active work area – the precursors to the modern fume cupboard sash.

Thankfully, technology has advanced in leaps and bounds.

At TEL we’ve developed a market-leading auto sash controller that uses a passive infra-red sensor (PIR) to continually monitor the work area in front of a fume cupboard; it automatically closes the sash when the fume cupboard operator is no longer present and reopens when they return. It also recognises when an obstacle is in the way and prevents the sash from closing on it.

But did you know….

  1. Our auto sash controller not only increases user safety, it also guarantees energy savings and reduces costs.
  2. When the operator is present the sash can also be operated manually, via a foot switch or by using the Tiptronic touch sensitive feature which will drive the sash up or down.
  3. Although primarily designed for use on VAV fume cupboards, it can also be used on CAV fume cupboards.
  4. It can be fitted to new or existing fume cupboards with a choice of three motor drive systems to suit any type of fume cupboard.
  5. A dual auto sash controller is also available to operate on fume cupboards with two sashes including walk in type, back to back type and side by side type sashes.

And last but not least!

The TEL auto sash controller can now be fully integrated with the AFA4000, a pioneering airflow controlling and monitoring system. Developed in response to a growing number of customer requests, it automatically adjusts airflow according to need, decreasing the volume of air extracted when laboratory fume cupboards are not in use and minimising energy consumption.


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